Gian Carlo Minardi: "Let's focus on competitiveness, rather than noise"

After the Spanish Grand Prix was over, Formula 1 has extended its stay in Barcelona for two days of collective tests.

The two days were led – as it regards timing – by Max Chilton on Marussia and Pastor Maldonado on his Lotus. “We must not be mislead by these chronometric surveys as it is virtually impossible to draw conclusions , without knowing the work programs of the teams. It’s likely that someone has worked looking ahead to Montecarlo”, Gian Carlo Minardi comments on the website “We cannot even make a comparison with the results on track during qualifying as the tyre compounds were different”. The two best times in tests have been realized with the supersoft compound.

“Pirelli brought different compounds after a Gran Prix, maybe with the intent of doing some checks both in view of 2015 and to define sets for the upcoming races”, the manager from Faenza continues. “An important fact that catches the attention is represented by the high number of kilometers covered by most of the teams which are focusing both on developments and reliability. A praise to Susie Wolff, who has covered 55 laps: an important technical and physical commitment, staying ahead of riders who have more confidence with the car”. The former constructor puts its attention on those teams that have focused on young pilots. “It’s good to see that some teams have decided to rely on young drivers. Some have done this for economic needs, but not all: an example is McLaren, who bet on Stoffel Vandoorne for tyres tests. My hope is that, in the near future, this may become a fixed and important rule for Formula 1”.

Wednesday was also the debut day of the “megaphone” to improve the sound of the V6 Turbo. “To me it’s absurd that we need to focus on noise, when it’s certainly not the primary problem. It would be better to achieve more competitiveness among the top teams. In Spain we registered a gap of 49’’ between Mercedes and Red Bull, the first among the chasers: an abyss”.