Formula 1 gets to Monte Carlo, the most glamorous appointment of the season. It will be an interesting Grand Prix with regard to several respects, being the first race on a street circuit with the new Power-Units.

The biggest problems, for some teams, will be to successfully transmit the power to the road and to find the optimal traction: these elements will make a difference.

It will also be the first time with the Supersoft 2014 (together with the Soft), that could lead to a strategy of only one stop. I do not expect big changes, with Mercedes ready to play again the hare of the race. Just last year, they proved to be unbeatable with Nico Rosberg, author of the pole-position & fastest lap and winner of the race. In this appointment Nico plays a great card for the championship, as he will try to break the hegemony of Hamilton, author of a good poker, before team’s hierarchies are defined.

It will be interesting to see who will be the rival of Hamilton and Rosberg. In this sense, I see very well Red Bull. Ricciardo and Vettel might annoy the W05 most, since power, horse power and consumption fall to the background, in favour of traction and chassis. Monte Carlo could therefore be a race where it will be possible to twist a little the forces into play.

Moreover, the appointment through the little streets of the Principality is historically the time when teams start to lay the foundation for the programs of 2015, especially concerning the engine.

Within the Motor-homes, interesting meeting will start to take place especially for teams not completely satisfied with their current situation. As we know, there are several constructors ready to join the Circus, looking for a strong technical partner. It will be interesting to see who manages to break the agreements currently in place.