Gian Carlo Minardi professor for a day at DZ

Thanks to the project “The history of Ferrari, an Italian excellence”, The Dino Zoli Foundation has become a classroom for the pupils of the middle school Fiorini in Villanova.

Setting aside his role as a team principal and a talent scout, Gian Carlo Minardi has filled the shoes of a teacher, along with the hosts Dino and Monica Zoli, to recount the history of Ferrari, World Champion with Michael Schumacher.

This event is going to be the first of a series of activities involving a lot of school disciplines with an educational trip in Maranello and a final event, a Ferrari meeting, in the school garden.The aim of the project is to teach in depth the history of the ‘900 and the companies from Romagna that have tied indissolubly their entrepreneurial work out of no were to the most famous company in the world.

Another important purpose is to make it clear to future generations that it is just passion that makes people able to achieve goals that are unbelievable at the beginning of their career.