After solving the affair with Red Bull, that will use the trans alpine power-units also for next season, Renault is facing another headache. In effect, the French Group has been engaged in the purchase of Lotus, a team in strong economic difficulties, since months. We expected official communications during this weekend that drops the curtain on F1 World Championship, but according to the latest rumors everything will be postponed.

With  great effort, Gérard Lopez’s team has been defending his season ad the sixth place in the Constructors’ standings, ahead Toro Rosso by nine lengths. After being forced to give up to the hospitality in Japan, in Abu Dhabi the box has been completed just in time for free practice.

The crux of the matter should be its accreditation as an historic team, this status recognition would provide the constructor a substantial economical support.Therefore an arm wrestling between Renault Sport F1 managing director, Cyril Abiteboul, and F1 patron, Bernie Ecclestone, has started.Anyway, Renault is not losing time, we know it is engaged in the market to purchase a winning technical staff with the purpose of developing its power-unit for 2016. 

But, are we sure that this kind of silence and attitude helps a milieu already damaged by economic crisis and fans’ stampede?

As we have said, Red Bull will have again a Renault engine, but, also in this case, we haven’t any official communication yet. Christian Horner has just admitted the existence of a signed agreement. For Toro Rosso, instead, the doors of Maranello will open, after two years of separation.