Gian Carlo Minardi: “Stop Marussia? A mistake”

Turned off the engines, the spotlights are now focused on Strategy Group’s decisions: on the agenda, there was the exception to let Marussia (or Manor GP) be on track with 2014 car. At the time, however, unanimity is not reached. Some teams, principally Force India, would be opposed to its comeback.

For team’s revival, the administration relies on the income of commercial rights, but times is short. Despite not having participated in the last three 2014 Grand Prix, the team from Banbury ended the season in ninth place, before Caterham and Sauber, thanks to the two points won by Jules Bianchi in Monaco Grand Prix. The team most in need, Force India and Sauber, opposing against its comeback, point to share proceeds. “An absurd and unsportsmanlike behavior”, Gian Carlo Minardi comments on his website “Opposing, small teams hope to split up the amount due to Marussia, but perhaps they did not count to ten. Get rid of the two Cinderellas, Marussia and Caterham, it means shortening the grid. Consequently, last line would be occupied by teams with far greater budgets and ambitions (see Force India itself, Sauber and Lotus), with commercial consequences and in terms of image to be verified”, the manager from Faenza analyses.

This situation reminds me of the ’96-’97 seasons, when I defended very strongly the importance of small teams. I argued that without teams participating with great passion but limited means – hoping, who knows, to find the right funds for the future – in the last row there would inevitably finite big manufacturers. Situation that has repeatedly occurred in the 2000s The manufacturers are not waiting years to grow and achieve positive results; they have commercial and image objectives in the short and tangible consequence of the choices in those years, was that year after year we have lost almost all of them”, concludes Minardi. “I hope that it is not the final decision and that there is room for reasoning; Now as then, this sport needs also all those laboriously take part and hope to find the means for a more glorious sport future”.