Minardi-Alfa: that marriage, collapsed at the last

During the launch of the SF15-T, Maranello’s new car entrusted to the right foot of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen for 2015 Formula 1 World Championship, the attention of media and fans has been also attracted by the appearance of “Alfa Romeo” logo on Prancing Horse’s body.

Immediately, the mind of Gian Carlo Minardi jumped back into the past, reaching 1983, when the manager from Faenza decided that his Minardi team was ready for the big jump in Formula 1World Championship. It was certainly a challenge for daredevils, considering the shocking levels that costs were reaching in those years. The streets of Minardi and Alfa crossed at the end of 1983, when Gian Carlo wrote a letter to President Massacesi, proposing to buy the F1 team for a total price of 1,800.000 Italian lire. Getting no response, he asked to be received personally. The constructor left the factories of the legendary Milan company with the promise of providing the eight-cylinder turbo.

On this basis, started the project of the M184, consisting of a body made of Avional, carbon fiber and kevlar layers, high side-pods to give space to the radiators and an original triplane spoiler with mono-support and side flaps. Beating heart had to be precisely the eight-cylinder of Alfa Romeo. It had to be, in fact. The adventure Minardi-Alfa was ready to start, but with a cold and unexpected shower, President Massacesi announced, out of the blue, that marriage could not to be done. Damage was done, but too late to stop and surrender. There was no choice but to modify the M184 using the naturally aspirated Ford-Cosworth engine.

Hoverwer, in 1985 began the great and amazing (allow us) adventure of Minardi Team in Formula 1 World Championship at the wheel with Pierluigi Martini, lasted then over twenty years, no less.