Gian Carlo Minardi "Working to find new Fisichella, Trulli and Liuzzi"

giancarlo_minardi.jpg'The Formula ACI CSAI Abarth has reached the halfway point with the appointment of Imola and now it is preparing a second part of the season that will see the Tatuus engaged on tracks of Spa, A1 Ring, Mugello, Monza e Barcelona for the amazing ending. We wanted to retrace the first part of season of the Italian and European league, named Scorpione, and of the Italy Formula 3. It with the help of Gian Carlo Minardi and with an eye to 2012 year and to the go-kart world.

“The Formula ACI CSAI Abarth is a league is going in the season hot part. We have a starting grid of 18 cars very competitive, both the Italian series and European series. In the last Imola appointment we have seen two fantastic races with a lot of overtakes and duels.
There are drivers emerging as Luca Ghiotto. He has 16 and he has signed his first pole position in Enzo e Dino Ferrari, after only one season in single-seat.
Unfortunately the two races have been a road accidents that he was innocent. There are a lot of drivers, for instance Niederhauser, Heche and Sirotkin that are struggling on a par. Make your debut Barrabeig, Costa and Zonzini also. This teams are significantly growing, as shown lap times, lower than the previous season. The next season will be very competitive and rich of news,” said Gian Carlo Minardi. “The purpose is the growth of the legues, ACI Sport and CSAI are already working on 2012 year. We are working on a lot of initiatives and promotios through the organization of the F.ACI CSAI Abarth “Mediterranean Championship”. It want to involve the beginner drivers, that have just finished the season in their respective leagues with prizes.
In the winter will be more initiatives to involve new drivers and teams also to our league and our single-seat, the best. The Tatuus is a great car, fantastic safety, as last Sunday in Imola we have just seen when Alessandra Brena, under the safety car, has crashed into Vicky Piria single seat. Nothing damages and nothing harms, Alessandra was escaped unharmed.
My job is to follow the beginning youngs at the wheel of the kart about Formula ACI CSAI Abarth also. I’m engaged in two races, in Iesolo and Viterbo, and I will in Lonato at the beginning of August. At the season ending we will choose 12 drivers that will attend to pysicophyscal tests in Maranello. Three boys saranno selezionati per un test al volante della Tattus Formula ACI CSAI Abarth da 120 cv.
In this years the CSAI, with his Angelo Sticchi Damiani President and his Marco Ferrari General Secretary, is doing a great effort investing in youngs that work on kart, Formula ACI CSAI Abarth and Formula 3. It is very important to invest in kart! We must do important competition in F. ACI CSAI Abarth growing quantitatively, to get to Formula 3 that now present 16 cars and drivers contained in a few tenths, as we have seen the last test in Adria. Six drivers in three-tenths and 12 cars in less than 1 second. Italy Formula 3 is a competitive league and Dallara a training single-seater. We want to find new Fisichella, Trulli and Liuzzi. Our job is not simply but we able to give rise to high level championships with everybody help, teams, parents and sponsors. We have several new in 2012 years about F.3, as to make a Italy Open that it will branch on F1 tracks outside the Italian border,” says Gian Carlo Minardi.
Finally, we must not forget the collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari by his Academy “The FDA’s interest to be our partners. This is the second year and we are achieving a great results with Marcello and Maisano, engaged in Formula 3 Italy. We are making a big effort to monitor the go-kart Italian championship and to give kids the opportunity to grow up “says Minardi.