F. Abarth – Oakley protects the eyes of Vicky Piria

vicky_pria.jpg'Oakley enters the Formula ACI-CSAI Abarth to protect the precious eyes of Vicky Piria from the sun that warms the paddocks and tracks of major national and international motor-racing circuits. Vicky Piria’s new look can hardly do without an accessory par excellence, like the sunglasses made by Oakley, leading world manufacturer of sports sunglass frames and lenses.

Thanks to this prestigious agreement, technology applied to the racing world blends with the innovation and the design of a company which has made history among those which do not compromise in terms of performance, thanks to the talent and beauty of a seventeen-year-old girl like Vicky Piria, who is launching out into the car-racing world with great passion and ambition.
To strengthen this new marriage, starting with the next appointment on the Misano World Circuit track, Vicky will be showing off a new livery.
I am honoured that such an important company like Oakley has decided to sustain my career, above all because we are talking about a leading global brand which historically has always tied its image to major sports names. I shall try and repay Oakley’s confidence right from the next appointment on the Misano track” says Vicky Piria