Gp Barcelona, MINARDI “The last resort for Ferrari? Almost”

We are going back to where it all began. Formula makes its entry in Europe on the Montmelò track, the stage for the winter tests. This track has no secrets for the drivers and the teams. Here Ferrari had fuelled hopes for a world championship by making excellent times but the season’s first four grands prix told a different story.

Mercedes managed the incredible feat of scoring four doubles and setting the new record (also helped by Ferrari’s lack of reliability).

Barcelona will be an important challenge in a grand prix where Binotto’s men will have to change gear in order not to lose more ground to the Mercedes that had remained hidden during the tests and did not express all its potential. It finished the grands prix with a good fuel load on board which is the sign they can manage any situation.

Ferrari’s last resort? No, but it must give a strong sign. We are coming to the fifth round. Anything can happen but the time has come to repeat last winter’s supremacy. Behind Ferrari and Mercedes we find a good Red Bull which is missing Gasly’s points, he was certainly not perfect in the start to the season.

Just as interesting and exciting is the struggle in the “second division” for fourth and fifth place. There are six teams within a range of 14 pints.

Gian Carlo Minardi