Historic Minardi Day | Interview with Gian Carlo Minardi

June 25 will be an important day in the history of the Minardi Team. At the “Dino e Enzo Ferrari” Circuit of Imola will go on stage the Historic Minardi Day, a whole day dedicated to the history of the stable from Faenza founded by Gian Carlo Minardi which went onto the world scene for more than twenty years.  The cars from Formula 2 and Formula 3 will also be on the track, along with the single-seaters from Faenza. The show, anyway, won’t take place just along the almost 5 kms of the track. All the fans will have the chance to meet the drivers and  enter into the Paddock and garage area  where 21 car models of the Minardi Team will be exhibited (from the M185 to the PS05),  ten Toro Rosso cars and some unique and historical pieces like the F3 Chevron-Toyota B38 of Elio De AngelisThere will be DJ music and good cuisine.

Thus, we have reached Gian Carlo Minardi and asked him what to expect in the historical Minardi Day.