Historic Minardi Day | The show on track and out in the paddock with F1, music, and street food

The Historic Minardi Day, scheduled for Saturday June 25 at the Circuit of Imola, is only 30 days away. The Enzo and Dino Ferrari is going to embrace again Formula 1 and the single-seaters from Formula 2 and Formula 3 that contributed to write important pages of 35 years history of the Minardi Team, of the Circuit of Imola, and of Motorsport.

The engines will turn on starting from 9.00 in the morning with the first laps on track performed by the cars from Gran Tourism and Supercars categories that will act as forerunners before the shows with F2, F3, and F1.The highlight of the event will be at 12:30 when, thanks to the helpfulness of numerous collectors, all the spotlights will be turned to the single-seaters signed by Gian Carlo Minardi, which went onto the world scene from 1985’s Brazilian GP to the Chinese GP in 2005.

The show, anyway, won’t take place only along the almost 4909 meters of the track. From 8:00 in the morning, the gates to the Paddock will open for all the fans and keens who will have the chance to see the single-seaters from the Minardi F1 Team and from Toro Rosso, beyond some unique historical pieces from F1 closely. They will also have the chance to meet Gian Carlo Minardi and the drivers who contributed to write important pages of the Team from Faenza in its career within F1 Circus. We will also have the chance to test our skills through virtual challenges thanks to professional simulators, we’ll enjoy the music corner with the Red Bull Event-car, and the Street Food with a variety of specialities offered by numerous stands.

There is great anticipation and excitement for this day and this can only make me happy. The Historic Minardi Day was meant to be a sports day to live together with the whole family, an opportunity to embrace the F1 world, too often closed. We wanted to create an event completely dedicated to fans by opening the grandstands as well as the Paddock and box area. We’ll have the opportunity to meet the members from the “Minardi Fans Club of Lauria and San Francisco,” which have already signed up to the event, and I am particularly pleased by the presence of Miguel Angel Guerra, the first driver who raced under the colors of the Minardi team in Formula 2“, Gian Carlo Minardi explains.

The show will go on along the track and in the Paddock area untill 18:30 before the greetings in front of the principal grandstand.

An official portal has been inaugurated, www.MinardiDay.it, where you can find the complete program and details about this day at the Circuit of Imola. You can also follow the updates via Facebook and Twitter social networks, using the hashtag #HistoricMinardiDay and #MinardiDay, and www.Minardi.it.

The ticket price is 10 € (free for children under 12 years), you can purchase them directly at the Circuit or on the Vivaticket portal (click here).