[Interview] Davide Rigon "GP2 is the target for 2010"

Rigon.jpg' While the Formula 1 teams are committed to design and implement ad hoc to suit the new cars and a certain Michael Schumacher is enjoying riding the Dallara GP2, developing new components, there is a young Italian rider who continues his preparation, waiting to see what scenarios would take a football in the 2010, after finishing his first season in GP2 Main Series with the Trident team, winning an impressive fifth place for excellence in the circuit, Spa-Francorchamps.

We’re talking about Davide Rigon, 23 years with an excellent record full of titles and wins: Formula Azzurra Italian Champion in 2005 – which earned him the victory of test driving the Minardi F1 on the track of Vallelunga -, Deputy Italian Formula 3 champion in 2006, Italian and European F.3000 champion in 2007 and first driver to win the title Superleague Formula in 2008. 2009 is the year of the debut in the championship that has arisen as the antechamber of the Formula 1, GP2 Asia Series with the team and Mains Maurizio Salvadori.
Davide, innanzitutto buon anno
Grazie e buon anno anche a tutti voi
How did you spend the Christmas holidays and the beginning of year?
After finishing training in Forlì I got home, near Vicenza, where I spent Christmas with family and my fiancee. The first days of the year then I enjoyed doing the training in the snow
And now that the holidays are over you’re back in the gym?
Sure. I went back to Forli to resume training with the Driver Program Center with the team of Prof. Elia. The first season in GP2 has taught me a lot and for this we are working to strengthen my body, and especially to withstand stresses to which I referred are driving a F1.
Quindi gli occhi per questo 2010 sono indirizzati verso la GP2?
Il nostro principale obiettivo è quello di essere presenti nuovamente in GP2, dopo il debutto nello scorso anno, anche se siamo sempre molto attenti a quello che succede in Formula 1. Abbiamo avuto diversi contatti con alcune scuderia come Racing Engineering, Rapax e Trident. Giorno dopo giorno qualcosa si muove.
Sore. A budgets as you put it?
With my manager we are looking for the budgets needed to cover an entire season in GP2, although it is certainly not easy. In GP2 we need more than one million euros. Even on this front, however, something is moving and, probably even this year “E’Più” will be at my side to help me. Much will depend on the league that we decide to do.
You sound very confident …
I’m working to be ready for any call. I do not give up. My goal is Formula 1 and I know I should be able to get better. Also this year I want to show all my worth in the hope that it can get for me an important call. Day after day we make small steps. Let’s see where we can get.