We have experienced a lively Grand Prix, with too many mistakes and the first seasonal retirement for Fernando Alonso, after so many races. It’s certainly not been a good weekend for the colours of Maranello, both in terms of performances and reliability. In fact, Ferrari says goodbye to the home race with a disappointing ninth place and only two points in world ranking for Kimi Raikkonen. The attention at Ferrari’s has been drawn by the statements of both Ferrari President, Luca di Montezemolo: “In March I told the shareholders and especially the people at Ferrari, who I’m very close to, that I would be available for another three years”, and Fiat-Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne: “No one is indispensable, but the change of Presidency is not on the agenda”. Are these words that may herald a future in “Red” and a stock exchange appearance?

With regards to the race, we saw a determined Hamilton, who has taken his revenge on his teammate, winning the race after a certainly not brilliant start, taking advantage of two Nico’s mistakes and gaining the sixth place of the season and the tenth for Mercedes. Now, the gap with Rosberg is 22 lengths (216 points against 238 of the team-mate). Mercedes is, instead, increasingly alone at the top with a “spoil” of 454 points, compared with the 272 of Red Bull, which says goodbye to Monza with the fifth and sixth place.

Fantastic comeback-race for Daniel Ricciardo, that closes once again before his teammate. After an imperfect start, he managed to put together an amazing comeback, taking up to the fifth position and overtaking on the final also the teammate, who tried to defend himself. No doubt about it. The Australian is now a certainty for the team, which can definitely count on a pilot of the first band. At RB’s, they are certainly covered by a probable Vettel’s change of team, considering Kvyat’s good performance (mistake aside) with Toro Rosso. Forced to burst forth from the bottom of the group, he got closer to the score zone.

Astonishing comeback also for the Finnish of Williams, Bottas, who promptly recovered a disappointing start, finishing just off the podium and immediately behind Felipe Massa. The confirmation of its pilots by the British team is the first sign of stability. Consequently, I also expect the confirmation of Hamilton, at least for 2015.

At this point, the only missing piece is at Honda’s. The court of Sebastian Vettel continues and he asked a few more days to make his assessments. Considering how his season is running, he should change his scenery, in order to find new challenges and incentives. At worst, Honda-McLaren could think of doing another year together with Button, confirming concurrently the present pair.

They are now outlining the forces in the game, with two Mercedes, two Williams and two Red Bull. Mercedes’ Power-Unit raised McLaren in these conditions and market rumours seem to have restored vitality to the ex 2009 World Champion.