Italian GP – Drivers' Scorecard

After the Italian Grand Prix, the 13th appointment in the World Champion, it’s time to give some votes. First of his class is, of course, Lewis Hamilton, followed by the super-young Russian of Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat.

Lewis Hamilton – 9 Despite his bad start, he was able to recover, imposing his style, his ability and tenacity in achieving an important result for him. Without the start’s mistake, he would have deserved a higher vote

Daniil Kvyat – 8/9 He started as last, but he recovered, finishing at the foot of the score-zone. Excellent strategy for Toro Rosso and fantastic race for him. It’s a pity for the mistake on the finish. He deserves the consecration in Formula 1

Daniel Ricciardo – 8.5 He started behind and recovered positions with overtakings and crossing the finish line before Vettel. His overtakings on Magnussen and Vettel were amazing; Vettel was stripped by the Australian with a feint outwards, overtaking him inward. He is definitely taking the leadership of the team and deserves a treatment like leading driver

Felipe Massa, Valtteri Bottas e Sergio Perez – 8 The Brazilian win his first seasonal podium with Williams, while the teammate and the Force Indian pilot were the authors  of an amazing recovery

Jenson Button – 6.5 Market rumors that would like Vettel or Alonso to take his place next year have renewed him. The possibility of having again a window has restored him. He took advantage of his experience

Nico Rosberg 6 – After a perfect start, he was able to take a quite good advantage, which has been frustrated by two incredible mistakes in the first variant, which cost him a possible victory. Someone say that Nico wanted to “get even” with the teammate. However, for me he isn’t more than enough

Low vote for Ferrari. There’s an unequal struggle between Alonso and Raikkonen, having a car that gives 1.5” to competitors. There’s certainly a moment of despair. It’s certainly not only a problem of Power-Unit, but also of chassis. Compared to the Finnish, Fernando deserves at least a higher vote (also 7), because he tried to fight until he remained on track, keeping himself afloat for a sixth-seventh place. Since Friday, he has reached the limit of its F14-T, eroding then thousandths on thousandths after each session in qualifying. More, truly, it cannot hope at the moment.