A really lively weekend at the spectacular Suzuka Circuit. Before starting to analyze this Grand Prix, we should comment on Red Bull’s public statement, which anticipated the consensual decision to end Vettel‘s relationship and the arrival of Kvyat in his place (we maintained this possible replacement in our Silverstone GP preview). Now, the possible arrival of Sainz in Toro Rosso would start off “the youngest team of all times”.

Certainly, we are experiencing a new course at Ferrari; I believe that for the first time in its history, men of Maranello have been caught off their guard by open games of other Circus actors. Fernando and his management does not seem to have managed the situation too; a sabbatical year of the strongest pilot ever becomes more likely, waiting for winning opportunities in 2016. After many victories together, Vettel and Red Bull relationship, which started 15 years ago, has stopped. Won four world championships at 27, Sebastian felt the need to face a new technical and sporting experience, to try new ideas and incentives, and to regenerate after a season where his team-mate Ricciardo, on several occasions, caused difficulties to him. Waiting to know, even if it’s already taken for granted, where Vettel will race in 2015, we enter in comments of this Grand Prix, expressing later my personal thoughts on these market movements.

The rain – fully forecasted – has affected this GP. Start with Safety Car for two laps, then red flag and restart with the Safety until 10th lap, when, finally, the real race starts. It was a race, obviously, affected by rain and countless tyres changes: wet at the beginning and intermediate in subsequent pit stops.

Stellar Mercedes, as usual; Hamilton at ease ahead of a wet Rosberg, who was in trouble with the set up of his car. We experienced very interesting duels with certainly engaging overtakings, especially through the work of Red Bull, in a bad day for Ferrari because of Alonso’s retirement at the restart after the first red flag, and a colorless race for Kimi, who struggled throughout the race with grip problems. But this appointment leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouth for its final conclusion.  

The accident of Bianchi, who crashed into the emergency vehicle that was recovering Sutil’s Sauber, get off track just before, suspends any other sporting assessment to stay close to Jules and hope the best for him.

Gian Carlo Minardi