Japanese GP – Drivers' Scorecard

After such a weekend and the events happened at Suzuka, giving votes is really difficult and maybe it’s not appropriate. Honestly, given the weather conditions and the necessary of respecting tv schedules, everybody deserves a high vote. Pilots has done a great job, because they concluded a race in very difficult conditions, with the exception of Fernando (stopped because of an electrical problem) and Chilton.

In these cases, my sportive spirit leads me to give everybody high votes, congratulating  them, even if Lewis Hamilton certainly deserves the nomination as top of the class and behind him there are Vettel, Button, Vergne and Ricciardo with equal credits.

It’s not the right time to give full details; let’s think about next Russian Grand Prix, which will take place within just seven days; our thoughts are all directed to Jules Bianchi, we wish him to get well soon and we are close to his family.

Gian Carlo Minardi