Kart – Negro and Vigorito at Le Mans with Ok1

Drivers Riccardo Negro and Gianni Vigorito spent two testing days at the Lonato Internation circuit with the aim of getting ready for Le Mans.

Riccardo and Gianni are going to defend IP Kating group’s colors in France, respectively in the International KZ2 Super Cup and in the World KZ Champs, with OK1 material managed by Lorenzo Foschiani. Therefore, after a forced break, Riccardo will reappear in an official group also thanks to the participation of Iame which is going to provide authorized motors. Whereas the “beating heart”of the vehicle used by the driver from Sturno will be TM motor managed by FR Racing from Udine. These two testing days allowed the two drivers to acquaint themselves with the kart and the new material in time for the momentous race of Le Mans.

Looking ahead to Le Mans World Championship, test sessions in Lonato were excellent. I experienced many advantageous innovations and I am very satisfied. Bridgeston tires require a more meticulous drive compared with LeCont tyre compound Gianni Vigorito comments.

I was very satisfied with the material and the exclusive presence of Iame. After a long break I could put together few consecutive laps, but I gained interesting chronometric lap times. In these weeks before Le Mans I am going to work hard on the track to get readyRiccardo Nigro comments.

“These were two really hard-working and profitable days because we had immediately important results. It was the first time Riccardo drove our material and he was particularly impressed by the brake system. Instead Bridgestone tires were the major unknown faced by Vigorito. Few laps were enough for him to cancel the lack of experience adapting quickly to the set-up. We ‘ll have the first official results during collective tests at Le Mans, but I am sure that bot Gianni and Riccardo will be able to drive very fast” OK1 Team Manager, Lorenzo Foschiani, comments.

I am very happy about this new challenge with OK1. At last Riccardo returns to an official and such an important entity like IP Karting, thanks also to the support of Iame which are going to provide him the motor to attack KZ2. Instead Gianni will have a TM motor for the KZ1 race. After a forced break, Riccardo will have to return quickly to his rhythm while Gianni will have to get used to Bridgestone tires which requires a very clean driveAlberto Tonti precisely analyzes.

I am satisfied for both our bearers who will be able to be protagonist at the Le Mans World Championship with the support of such an official group. I am sure that they will both be able to attract attentionthe manager from Faenza Giovanni Minardi comments.