F1- Mid-season scorecard: Teams

The engines are off and the factories closed for the summer break so we take the opportunity to draw up the first semester scorecard. Certainly,  this pahse was affected by Mercedes which has been able to dominate far and wide, high and low, especially through Lewis Hamilton. It was also a period characterized by the pleasant Ferrari’s revival as second world power, ahead of Massa and Botta’s Williams and Red Bull which was heavily affected by trans-alpine Power-unit.

Mercedes – 8 Technically speaking, if we judged just the six consecutive race run with the same PU it would certainly be a 10 with honors. The mark decreases of two points due to the strategic mistakes in Malaysia, Monaco and Hungary.

Ferrari – 8 Two victories and seven placements took them to the second place in Manufacturer World Championship. But the gap with the “Silver Arrows” is great. They did well to take advantage of the two “Mercedes favors”.

Williams – 7,5 Half a point less than Maranello. They have a high-performing car on fast circuits but they loose ground on slower ones ( like in Hungary). As happened last year, they will be able to turn the situation around in the second part of the season.

Red Bull and Toro Rosso – 7 Technically the two cars by bibitari are well manufactured even if they pay an enormous penalty for Renault Power-Unit complications. In particular TR is short in heavy points due to the lack of reliability in the last rounds. In Hungary, a circuit not suitable for motors, they took three cars in the first fourth places.

Sauber – 6,5 Eighth place and 22 points just ahead to McLaren and Marussia. It’s better than 2014 but they don’t live up to their tradition. They started positively this season, loosing later their way.

Lotus and Force India – 6 Despite Mercedes engine they are getting less than last year due also to their financial difficulties, especially at Lotus.

McLaren – 5 This mark is especially directed to Honda which is in a big trouble. They realized that the Japanese technology is already obsolete and are trying to remedy “by shopping” in Europe. Their path is really uphill and it won’t be easy to recover. So far Alonso and Button gained just 17 points. In Hungary Fernando’s fifth place is a great shot on the arm , but that was also an odd GP.