Minardi at Vallelunga for the Formula ACI CSAI Abarth examination tests

After taking part in the 56th edition of the Selva di Fasano Cup as a race opener at the wheel of a Ferrari, Gian Carlo Minardi headed to Vallelunga as ACI CSAI Federation School supervisor and Ferrari co-worker, to support young drivers. During the race at Selva di Fasano, which is valid for the Italian Mountain Speed Championship, the manager experienced the passion of Italian people for motorsport.

At the Campagnano-based circuit named after Piero Taruffi, the Formula Abarth examination test days programme has already started. The programme has been promulgated by the ACI CSAI Federation School in cooperation with the Ferrari Driver Academy. The event is related to the “Young Drivers Project” promoted by the ACI CSAI to the aim of launching new talents. The project confirms once again the hard work done by the Federation and the FDA to enhance the development of talented young drivers.

Four go-kart and Formula car racers, who have been selected after delivering good performances throughout their racing experience, will race at the Vallelunga Circuit, driving a Formula ACI-CSAI Abarth racing car. They are: Francesco Iacovacci, Alessio Piccini, Gabriele Volpato and Christopher Zani.

The training programme includes some driving simulator sessions, some psycho-aptitude tests, physical training and the customization of the car’s seat.

The second day, i.e. Friday June 14th the four drivers will get on track to take on-track-test sessions at the wheel of Formula Cars under the control of ACI CSAI Federation School trainers and the staff of the FDA.