Minardi.it meets Gaston Mazzacane

He defended the colors of Minardi Team in 2000 season driving at the wheel of the M02-Fondmental paired with Mark Genè. His bond with the Minardi’s continues today. In European Gp he closed in eight, even if his fans especially remember his challenge with Mika Hakinen’s McLaren in Indianapolis while he was third.

Let’s go back to 2000 when you debuted in F1 with Minardi Team. When you first had a contact with Gina Carlo Minardi?
My first contact with Minardi was in 1988 at the end of my season in F3000. Along with Eduardo Ramirez and Jacques Kremer, I was called by Gian Carlo Minardi to become the third driver of his team in 1999. In addition, I competed in the European Prototypes Championship with a Ferrari of Lavaggi Team.

Why did you choose the Team of Faenza for your debut?
Thanks to Gian Carlo Minardi’s excellent business relation with Argentina, I had the opportunity to race for his team. F1 is the dream of every guy who embarks on motorsport.

What impressed you most of this this world?
Every driver considers F1 the ultimate expression of motorsport. You feel like a star. It is wonderful.

What was your best moment with Minardi?
Definitely during Indianapolis Grand Prix when I was third ahead of Hakkinen’s McLaren with the opportunity to sign an incredible result for the team

…And the most difficult one?                                                                                                                                                                                          Moving to Prost GP. It affected negatively my stay in F1. I wouldn’t had never left Minardi at the end of 2000.

Your friendship with Gian Carlo and Giovanni Minardi is still strong today. Do you have an anecdote to tell us?
That year I lived in the same apartment block of Gian Carlo and Giovanni, Gian Carlo was my second father and Giovanni a brother. Every morning with his dog, Gian Carlo came and woke me up to check if I had slept in my apartment. We are bond by a strong friendship that still goes on.

What do you do now?
After F1, I raced in Champ Car, Formula Truck and in FIA GT Championship with a Ferrari 550 GT1 of ACA Argentina. Now I am engaged in Turism Carretera Championship, the most important one in Argentina.

What is your childhood dream, and your next goals?
My dream is to keep racing with the same desire and motivation that I had when i was 5 years old and to gain excellent results in Argentina driving my Chevrolet. I am also vice-president of ACTT and CEO of the Mouras de La Plata Circuit where I work to develop the Argentine motor sports.

What do you think about today’s F1?
Today there is a lot of tedchnology in F1, but Mercedes supremacy and the lack of allure of the power units leads to fans’ estrangement. Surely, the calendar is very beautiful because we keep racing in historic circuit flanked by new and beautiful  places. I like the qualifying format and the diversity of tires that makes the GP strategic. I keep watching f1 because I am passionate about.