F1- Peace achieved

After a lot of words, announcements, complaints, and requests Red Bull Racing and Renault have signed a “peace treaty” and closed a soap opera that had lasted too long.

Consigned to Daniel Ricciardo’s and Daniil Kvyat’s feet and achievements, Adrian Newey’s new creation will be pushed by the trans-alpine power-unit also in 2016, although the cylinder head will not probably be signed by Renault Sport F1.The green light would have been given by Renault President Carl Ghosn himself who had sanctioned the end of any cooperation last September, during the Frankfurt Motor show.

One can bet that this time Renault wanted better defend himself with an “armored agreement” (as well as economically advantageous) against future statements and criticism coming from Horner’s staff who didn’t spare criticism in this season, after successful years. It has been an obliged solution, especially after Maranello and Barackley refusals. The announcement should be done this weekend in Abu Dhabi during the GP that closes this Mercedes season.


The arm wrestling between Red Bull Racing and Renault had as a spectator the Staff of Toro Rosso whose results on track have also been affected by Renault PU. Just a grand prix since the end, the challenge with Lotus-Mercedes for the sixth place in the Constructors’ standings is opened. Anyway, a detachment of 9 points makes the task hard for Toro Rosso, despite its two “young bulls” Vestappen and Sainz jr.

And these two boys themselves, sons of former drivers, could have had a part in the deal that has brought Ferrari engines (2015 version) back in Faenza. A return to the past for STR which has hosted the beating heart of Maranello for seven seasons, from 2007 to 2013. Even if the first single-seater with a Ferrari client-engine is signed by Minardi. It was the M191 trusted to Pierluigi Martini, Gianni Morbidelli, and Roberto Moreno. At Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen’s contract has been renewed for another season, along with Sebastian Vettel. Verstappen, or Sainz Jr., could be predestined to pick up the Finnish’s baton starting from season 2017.


In Abu Dhabi, we also expect the official announcement of Renault about the purchase of Lotus. To the trans-alpine constructor it would be a comeback to Enstone, after having sold all its facilities to the stable of Gérard Lopez at the end of 2011.Renault is arranging its return to F1 world championship as Constructor as well as Engine supplier. We’ll see if this team will race under the name of Renault already from the next season pr it will have a transition year under Lotus-Renault name.