Monica Zoli, Made in Italy in Singapore: the interview

After Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore night race, had the pleasure of meeting Monica Zoli, CEO of DZ Engineering, Dino Zoli Group’s company from Forlì, in charge not only for the lighting of the circuit. In a few years, thanks to its unique scenic design, the Marina Bay Street Circuit has captured fan’s and insiders’ interest.

What is the task of DZ Engineering during the F1 Gp weekend in Singapore?
We are talking about an audio-video integrated system where the lighting aspect rules the roost from a scenic viewpoint. We also support the Race Control Room by our video surveillance systems. With our video cameras we monitor the areas of the entire circuit. For instance, our videos are at disposal for the inquiry into the track invasion.

How many months the work of assembly and dis-assembly lasts?
We start to install in early May and close with the storage at the Singapore Gp warehouse in late November. The work of diassasembly begins immediately after the end of the race. This year our offices are located in the same building that houses the Singapore Gp. They wanted us nearby ( Monica Zoli smiles) in order to be at hand.

About F1, what are your plans for the next few years?
Our goal is to keep growing. The Asian area is very susceptible to Motor-Sport. Our main purpose is the renewal of the contract with the Singapore Gp that has started its negotiations about the extension of its contract for the next five years (from 2018 to 2022). About F1, at time we haven’t other requests even if we’d like to work with Monza and Imola our house circuit. It would be great if it succeeded in getting F1 back.

What about other championships?
We have started to work with the electric series “Formula E” for the Malaysian Eprix at Putrajaya and with Kuala Lumpur for the first edition of the KL City Grand Prix in August. It was a daily event so our task concerned TVCC audio and radio communication systems between the marshals in the field and the Operation Center. Beyond the four-wheel, Dz Engineering collaborates with the Sepang circuit in view of event of the MotorGp World Championship, as well as with the States.

Talking about contract renewals, did you meet Mr. Bernie Ecclestone?
Actually our renewal doesn’t directly affect Mr. Ecclestone because our client is the Singapore Gp, with whom we have a really good relationship. There is a mutual consideration that has reinforced during the years. They could appreciate us for our versatility and competence and we do appreciate them.

Singapore is an event that has entered the heart of fans because of the scenic beauty also appreciated by the protagonists: the drivers.
The city of Singapore intensely experiences the F1 Gran Prix. All years I fly to Singapore on the occasion of this event and I sense this mood every time. There are also a lot of collateral events that offers a complete set of fun where F1 is at the center. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful circuit thanks to its spectacular nature due to a brilliant lighting, stable along the whole circuit.

Yet, some journalists suggested that some bends were more dark than others.
I’d really like to know the basis of these opinions. The lighting is absolutely stable and it doesn’t create any dazzling: it is proved by technical field surveys. In Brisighella, during the ceremony of the Bandini Trophy I had the opportunity to talk with Davide Valsecchi, driver and Sky commentator who has run in Singapore. He declared that it is one of the most beautiful circuit where you can run. If he say that I have to believe.

Your work has also an essential effect on driver and insider’s security. How does technology has evolved in recent years?
We have improved the reliability and the capacity of the spotlights, the quality of power generators from Turkey. We have improved HD images by integration and quality. It is an on-going work that follows the development of the circuit too. To us every change is an occasion to introduce some improvements. This technology then become a landmark for others circuits.

For “Made in Italy” it was a sensational week-end also due to the success of Ferrari.
Watching the tricolor waving was a delight. There were us and Ferrari. We felt a great delight, as the rest of Italy as the TV audience proves. This kind of event helps the F1 image along with Sebastian Vettel’s enthusiasm and congeniality. He is the link between fans and Ferrari.