OK safety, but don't overdo it

The start of the British GP behind the safety car is provoking a lot of discussion. Since it had rained few minutes before the green traffic light, Charlie Whiting started the race behind the safety car, withdrawing the safety car not before the fifth lap.

Neither the fans nor the insiders, from the drivers up to the Team Principals, have appreciated his decision. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen opposed this decision, complaining for a too delayed withdrawal. Maurizio Arrivabene agrees with them “In that moment it wasn’t raining so there wasn’t any danger. Formula 1 is the ultimate expression of Motorsport”. In his comment on the Grand Prix, Gian Carlo Minardi has already evaluated this choice negatively. I could understand if we were in a preliminary championship where there are boys who have to cut their teeth, but here we were in a Formula 1 grand prix. It has seemed me an exasperated decision. We are overdoing safety” the manager from Faenza said and now widens his thought “Doing this way we risk to nullify the show and let go the fans. The same is true for the asphalted escape routes. Silvertsone remains a fascinating circuit, but it has lost something like many other circuits. All the drivers made some mistakes without paying any duties. We miss the gravel. The drivers are more confident and can allow themselves too many mistakes”, Minardi concludes.