Spanish GP – Up & Down

Together with Gian Carlo Minardi, let’s take some votes on the Spanish GP.
Fernando Alonso: 10. – No doubt he’s top of the class. He prepared for the event by analyzing GP2 races and taking a walk around the track. He made an excellent pass which will go down in history. He’s a step ahead of any other driver and won the Spanish GP, driving a car which has a good potential during races but it’s not the best car in the Championship, yet.
Kimi Raikkonen: 9. – He drives his car in an excellent way and has a very good tyres’ handling. His cold-heartedness makes him be the driver who has to be defeated.
Felipe Massa: 8. – He was seriously penalized in qualifying. He scored a podium finish starting from 9th and he drove an exciting race. He will help Ferrari so much. He’s leaving hard times behind him.
Nico Rosberg: 7.5- 8. – In qualifying he kept Hamilton behind him for the second time. He finished 6th driving a hard race which was affected by tyres’ delamination. Let’s hope they’ll manage to sort out problems as soon as possible.
Paul Di Resta: 7.5. – Both him and the team are handling an excellent racing season and the fifth place in the constructors’ championship is a clear proof of the Indian team’s brilliant performances. They’ll have to go on like that.
Daniel Ricciardo: 6.5. – Good race, Toro Rosso is getting better and better to try to defend the 7th place in the constructors’ championship, but it won’t be easy at all.
Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber: 6. – When not all the pieces of the puzzle are in their right place, the team doesn’t handle a good strategy and the drivers lack that leadership power to guide the team. Anyway, they deserve a 6 because they’re so fast during practice.
Jenson Button: 6. – He’s so comfortable on hard tyres, just like his McLaren.
Sergio Perez: 6. – The Mexican driver has improved his performances over the past two races. He’s recovering, this is the reason why he deserves a 6.
Esteban Gutierrez: 6. – He deserves a 6 even only for setting the fastest lap during the race. Even when he raced in the GP2 Championship he alternated good races to on-track mistakes. We have to let him work. This is the reason why I always point out the importance for young drivers to take pre-season testing. He didn’t have the chance to prepare for the season at best. It would be unfair to vote him down without giving him the chance to show his potential.
Pirelli: NC. –  It’s time to revise the project. 80 pit stops per GP are too many. It’s also a matter of safety. 6-7-8 pit stops per car per race are really too many. Pit Stop time to change tyres is too short.