The new F1 faces. Minardi "A historic day"

It is a historic day for the world of Formula 1. Liberty Media has completed its acquisition, and Chase Carey is the new F1 boss. He replaces Bernie Ecclestone (Honorary President) who is forced to leave the control of his “toy” after 40 years. Unfortunately, this moments are part of life, I lived the same experience in 2005 with the arrival of the new ownership in Faenza.

If Formula 1 exists today, it is thanks to the intuition and to capacity of Mr. E. that now has the chance to see the world championship with new eyes. For this very reason, he can still be very helpful to the cause.

With pleasure I read that on the agenda there are some topics that I have faced since some time, and Ross Brawn’s arrival is a positive signal. For some while, I have stated that F1 has to be managed by specialists with some experience on te field, but not involved with the teams. I agree with Brawn when he points it finger at the current power-units because I am sure it is a technology more suitable for prototypes and for endurance. The sprint races shall be the major expression of velocity and of competition with tyre-to-tyre struggle. Regarding this issue, FIA has required commissioners to be more permissive. To do this, it is important to have the same team in each circuit. Decisions must be objective and not subjective ( as it happened too many time in the last few years).

The new management will have a not easy task, the fruits of which will be visible in some years. It will be a slow process. Marketing will have to attract new sponsors and fire up the passion in every fan.