F1 | New technical cycle. Minardi "A wrong direction has been taken"

2017 represents a new Formula 1 era. Not just due to the arrival of the new owner Liberty Media, but also regarding the technical regulations. For the first time since 1994, the new sport season will have started with a reviewed regulation that will give us decisively more fast and performing cars compared to last year’s end.

Cyclically, the FIA used to call the rules into question to have slower cars compared to the previous technical cycle. Thanks just to the specialists’ genius, the teams managed to carry new-performing single-seater into the track.

Today, instead, we are facing simulations speaking about cars that are 4-5 seconds faster than those at the end of 2016 with a 40 km/h cornering speed.

All this for the benefit of whom? The show?

I do not think so because who sits in the stands or in front of the TV does not realize if the cars are faster. We will have cars much more difficult to drive and dangerous. I dread to think about what will happen after the development of an entire season or after some years. In contrast, with a note, FIA informed the circuits that will have to adapt themselves to new security standards, as if it were a simple and immediate thing. I find it absurd.

Formula 1 must promote the show on track, with fights and duels. I am glad that Liberty Media, the new property, feels the same way. They will be called to a difficult task whose results will only be visible in some years. The arrival of Ross Brawn will have a crucial role in the drafting of technical regulations. We need to return to have 2 or 3 teams able to contrast each other and to fight for victory. 

It will also be fundamental the commissioners’ role. The working group must be the same for all the grand prix, avoiding subjective decisions.

(Photo source McLaren.com)