The point on 2014 F.1 racing season’s engines

Intense days for F.1, not only for the speculation about Pirelli tyre test with Mercedes, which hogged newspapers’ pages, but also for the agreements involving the supply of turbo engines which will be the “beating heart” of F.1, starting from next racing season.

All the eleven teams have signed an agreement with Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault “With Mercedes’ choice to become Williams’ official engine supplier, along with McLaren and Force India, the team base has been 100% covered, says Gian Carlo Minardi “This choice sounds like a measure to avoid other manufacturers to enter into F.1 as suppliers, but the situation is still far from coming to an end, as we know that Porsche and Toyota are carrying out the new engine unit. What is more, even Ford and BMW are interested in entering the Circus.”

Car manufacturers are interested in F.1 again “The future of car racing is focused on KERS, turbo, and electronics. Manufacturers have already begun to invest on those three aspects. So, supplying teams with one’s own engine for free or upon a little payback, could be an added value in terms of communication and brand image. It has also to be considered that many teams are undergoing financial difficulties and the lack of sponsors doesn’t help the whole situation. This is the reason why costs will increase. We will go from 6-8 millions dollars spent nowadays to 18-21 millions with the introduction of turbo engine. Due to that, there could probably be some news in the future; who wants to get into the Circus will have to display a great showdown. Something unexpected could happen.”