In the USA Grand Prix, which is the last but one F.1 event of the 2013 season, we saw a great fight between Webber, Hamilton and Alonso and, above all, we saw Lotus and Grosjean delivering an excellent race.

Except the two Red Bull, or, at least RB#1, which demonstrated to be very competitive, as usual, Romain also delivered a great race, demonstrating to be a very skilled driver, finishing only 6’’ behind the World Champion. He finished between the Championship’s two most competitive cars. He definitely deserves a score of 9/10 for taking an excellent start and handling a good race. He tried to “bother” Sebastian Vettel by setting the fastest lap during the race, but he was beaten by the German driver in the following lap. The French driver can be a guarantee for his team, which demonstrated to recover in this end to the season, despite the unlucky decision to replace Kimi with Kovalainen. Probably Valsecchi would have deserved an opportunity for the job he did inside the team. Worse than that…even if the Finnish driver was excused in the post-race because of some technical issues.

Lewis Hamilton did a great job. The Englishman put up a fight against Alonso, who, maybe, overexploited his tyres. Ferrari had a hard week end, but the Italian team got a good position thanks to the Spaniard’s 5th place finish.  Massa’s American week end was not so good. I hope that something didn’t work, even if the Brazilian driver suffered a lot throughout the week end. Despite Nando’s excellent race, during which he fought teeth and nail, a 29s gap from the race winner is too much. Fernando tried to “limit the damage” to Mercedes, which finished in the points zone with both is cars. The final challenge for the second place in the constructors championship will move to Brazil, to Felipe’s homeland, where the GP will be raced in one week. Given Lotus’s great condition, the Italian team cannot be quiet.

The dismissed Sergio Perez delivered a great race. His excellent performances demonstrated once again that he didn’t deserve to be dismissed. He’s only 22 and he’s developing. Maybe different choices would have been taken with a view to the 2015 season (McLaren-Honda). It seems to me that Jenson Button has passed his peak (he scored one point with difficulty).

Nico Hulkenberg and Sauber finished in the points zone again. Gutierrez would have deserved to finish in the points zone, too, but unfortunately he was imposed a penalty in qualifying. I was surprised by Bottas. Williams took some choices which date back to the 2012 season. Those choices paid off. Valtteri is proving to deserve to be a F.1 driver.