Video, F1 | Australian GP: THE POINT on qualifying

Nothing seems changed. Everything looks like in November 2015, with the two Mercedes ahead of everyone. I get the impression that they haven’t even revealed all their cards. Once again, Hamilton has been great managing to run just 3 seconds below the absolute record on the track. FIA and the Working Group should meditate on this fact in view of new regulations in 2017 that will require more performing single-seaters.

As we anticipated, Scuderia Toro Rosso has made us a surprise. We had two single-seaters in Q3 with Verstappen in fifth and Sainz in seventh, ahead Ricciardo’s Red Bull. They proved to keep up with the situation in spite of an engine 2015. Ferrari should meditate, because it can count on a power unit that is definitely more advanced. In post qualifying, Vettel seemed very regretful and argumentative on performances.

At Mercedes, Aldo Costa has dusted off the hydraulic suspension that he already used along with Gabriele Tredozi on the Minardi in ’93-’94. I am glad they are talking about it. Half standings is for McLaren that managed to exploit at best the features of this track. If the reliability supports them, they will be able to aim to the points, their primary goal in this starting of season.

The show we watched in Q3 is shameful. None fought on the track for pole position in the last minutes: this is unacceptable. When teams realized that they couldn’t get close to their competitors, they saved tires, like Ferrari. I don’t agree with this kind of Format, and it is completely to be revised. In Q1, we watched two incredible mistakes at Sauber and at Red Bull with the elimination of Kvyat. Nothing more exciting.

Tomorrow it will be interesting watching the first race of the season, starting from 6.00 am.