F1 | Australian GP: The POINT

This season started with a bang, literally. The accident of Fernando Alonso with Gutierrez changed the circumstances in the Grand Prix, frustrating the amazing start made by Ferrari, which has optimized the new system. Then, the red flag changed the strategies in the game.

Surely, Mercedes made the best choice with Medium Tires, whereas Ferrari chose the Soft tires because in Barcelona the SF16-H had turned out more comfortable with tires Soft and Supersoft. A guided choice with the aim to cause problems for rivals. A glass half full for Maranello, especially after qualifying.They have a lot of work to do, but now their race solutions are better. Compared with a year ago there is an improvement. We had some mistakes, with an aggressive strategy not fully rewarding on the track. Vettel had a problem at the pit stop, and the withdrawal of Raikkonen from the race.

We experienced a nice Sunday morning with several family struggles. After a weekend lived in the shadow of Hamilton, Rosberg prevailed, and we watched an amazing challenge between Verstappen and Sainz at Toro Rosso. In my opinion, the Dutch driver has been too harsh, also verbally toward both the team and his team-mate. We have to applaud the starting of Haas. A debut with the sixth place equals a victory. Daniel Ricciardo had an excellent strategy and managed to recover up to the fourth place, signing the fastest lap of the race.

F1 will get to a “real” circuit in 15 days, where hot temperatures will rule the roost, and Ferrari could cause trouble for Mercedes. In qualifying, we will make a step back: the format of last year.