Arrivabene-Binotto, Minardi “The proper choice but the new developments are not over”

On Monday evening the indiscretion by the Gazzetta dello Sport was confirmed in Scuderia Ferrari’s official press release that announced that a month before the presentation of the new Ferrari, and two before the start of the world championship, the change between Maurizio Arrivabene and Mattia Binotto in the role of Team Principle.

We met Gian Carlo Minardi who positively commented the exchange. “I fully agree with Ferrari’s decision since I have a lot of faith in Mattia Binotto as a technician and the results confirmed it. He comes from the Ross Brawn school that gave Ferrari incredible results together with Todt and Schumacher, before going on to win the world championship first with Jenson Button with the Brown GP and laying the foundations for Mercedes’ incredible successes.”

I do not believe the changes are over and the next two weeks will be crucial, It seems like a retur to the past and the Domenicali era with Massimo Rivola who is now with Aprilia. IN addition, the arrival of Laurent Mekies is a very positive signal and he could be an important partner in the role of Sporting Director. I know Laurent very well since he comes from the Minardi School before oging to Toro Rosso and then to the FIA. He knows the Federation’s regulations and environment and this is a good sign for the future.”

Binotoo will be called for a role that will be full of new developments as he will also have to manage the drivers, “He will have a specific and not easy commitment of managing Sebastian Vettel who has to be recovered after a complicated season and who will have to find the strength to set aside 2018’s negativity