Domino effect

The first “Top-piece” has moved, starting the domino effect that will upset the starting grid of 2015. Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel’s ways have officially separated, after four World Championship Titles, 38 victories and 44 pole-positions, without forgetting the first seal in 2008, with Toro Rosso colours. In his place, Daniil Kvyat has already been announced, whose promotion from Toro Rosso comes only after a year in F1.

The destination of the German isn’t been announced yet, although it seems clear the arrival at the court of Maranello, in place of Fernando Alonso.

For, movements at Red Bull’s are not news, having already raised the issue after Silverstone. “…Sebastian Vettel is now ready to be “abandoned”. According to rumors, we aren’t certainly short of drivers and young Kvyat and Sainz J. (involved in WSR 3.5) champing at the bit for a place(read here), reiterating the concept with the announcement of 2015 Verstappen-Kvyat line-up of Scuderia Toro Rosso “… This operation surprised me, because it could cause difficulties to Carlos Sainz J., that’s a member of the RB family for several years. For this reason, I see different scene, with an extremely young Toro Rosso formed by Verstappen-Sainz J. and Daniil Kvyat towards Red Bull, in place of Sebastian Vettel” (read here).

As it might be expected, with the first move, driver market is preparing for an important. But first things first.

In Ferrari’s new course has brought important changes in all areas: after Domenicali, Marmorini and Montezemolo, it’s time also for Fernando Alonso to greet Maranello. To date, the Spanish is without a contract for next season. What are the possible sceneries?

– For several weeks on his desk there is a contract on McLaren-Honda letterhead;
– Sabbatical year;
– Passing in Mercedes, if Hamilton were to lose the World Championship and to decide to change the air.

With the promotion of Russian from TR to RB a place in Faenza become free. Alongside the already announced young Max Verstappen (who signed the F1 debut last weekend during the free practice sessions for the Japanese GP), another pilot could then get in Red Bull’s orbit, that Carlos Sainz jr., leader and son of the WSR 3.5 Rally champion, thus giving rise to the youngest team of Circus.

With regards to McLaren, Jenson Button’s confirmation is more and more distant. Honda wants a top-driver, but if they could not convince the Spanish, they could point to a young to grow, trying to snatch their competitors exactly Sainz Jr.

Finally, now more that this year next starting grid is surrounded by a great mystery. Waiting for new developments, we wish good luck to Jules Bianchi. We want to see you soon smiling again on track, as during the weekend in Montecarlo. #GoJules