Goodbye Andrea!

In a black weekend for motor-sport, came also the terrible news of Andrea De Cesaris’ death (on Sunday evening),  in a motorbike accident.
Andrea, born in 1959, defended the colours of Minardi team in 1986 alongside Alessandro Nannini, leaving an indelible mark in the Faenza’s team and in Gian Carlo Minardi, who wanted remember him this way.

“I have only great memories of Andrea. We’ve experienced together a fantastic year in Formula 1 and even later, when we managed to meet” Gian Carlo Minardi remembers. “Our relationship was of mutual respect, trust and affection. When you receive this news is like a cold shower and cause of incredible sadness. In Minardi he regenerated himself, because he arrived from difficult seasons. As with all our pilots, we transmitted  the tranquility and serenity that allowed him to express his true value. I’m convinced he’s one of those drivers that has had less than he deserved. Certainly, he could aim for greater successes if the period in Alfa Romeo would not coincide with difficult moments for the  Car Company of Aresa.

Funerals will be held on Thursday (at 11:00 am) at San Roberto Bellarmino Church, in Piazza Ungheria, Rome.

Ciao Andrea