Drivers Martini and Nannini with Gian Carlo Minardi to commemorate 35 years of racing

LibroEmotions, applause and many memories in telling the 35-year adventure of the Minardi team. To revive this afternoon in the Hall of the Residence Hall Bigari Faenza were some of the protagonists of that story that brought the Scuderia Romagna in the most prestigious showcase of international motorsport. The occasion was the release of the book “Gian Carlo Minardi says 35 years of racing, from Formula Italy Formula 1” (Editions C & C) written by Stefano Pasini.

Next to the Scuderia’s founder, Gian Carlo Minardi, there were Pierluigi Martini, the pilot Lugo that left an impression more significant in the Faenza team, competing in 107 Grands Prix F1 with Minardi and the Sienese Alessandro Nannini, hired by Minardi in 1982 to contest the Formula 2 championship, before landing in 1986 in F1, Gabriele Tredozi who started his career as a young engineer in the Minardi at the end of the eighties and came to occupy the position of technical team from 2001 to 2005. With them the book’s author Stefano Pasini Stefano Casadio and sports journalist who moderated the meeting.
“I was lucky enough to turn my hobby into a work experience was fabulous from every angle and still when I take the name of Minardi and Faenza, as happens many times during the Grand Prix F1 I realize that it left a track and I’m proud, “said Gian Carlo Minardi.
“I was for five years at Faenza – said Nannini -. We combined the passion for cars, love for racing. Five years have been wonderful in terms of both professional and personal. I later found, changing environment, professionalism, but not the same humanity and love that Gian Carlo Minardi had against the races. I remember – he added – even scolded almost every night, in dialect, he told me ‘vat to let’ (go to bed, ndr) “.
The Romagna Pierluigi Martini has traced his “fine career with Minardi. “I enjoyed a lot with Gian Carlo – continued -. There were many friends, lots of passion: we were a wonderful family. I consider myself lucky. A book like this, for me, is a wonderful gift.
From the most intimate memories, to flash on the races, the successes and defeats. A world away from gigs millionaire sponsors and drivers, built day after day with the hard work of an entire team: this was the Minardi team from which they passed, just to name a few, but Fisichella, Trulli, Webber and Alonso, who his debut with Minardi in Formula 1 in 2001 and today is the first head of Ferrari.