Eng. Gabriele Tredozi "Davide Rigon's talent should not be wasted"

Rigon.jpg'It has been found to work closely with many champions, Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber (to name only the first two pilots of the head of the world of Formula 1) cucendogli him a Formula 1 car. We are talking about Tredozi Gabriel, an engineer of great reputation in the Formula 1 circus due to his long career in the ranks of the Minardi F1 team since 1988 when it was called by Gian Carlo Minardi, playing increasingly important roles to become technical director in 2001 Faenza team.

After working with staff to design the cars Dallara team of Adrian Campos (later renamed Hispania F1 Team) in winter, the engineer is back in Brisbane with the team championship Superleague Formula azert, after the experience in 2008 in Scuderia Playteam row with AC Milan Rossoneri colors. Concluded the season by winning the title by Davide Rigon (Anderlecht), we reached by telephone Eng. Tredozi to tell us his impressions on the sample Vicenza, capable of putting pilots in line with a great experience.
I know Davide for several years, even though I never had the opportunity to work with him closely. During my career and my years in Formula 1 I was able to work with different samples as Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber (to quote two pilots who are now fighting for the championship) and I can say that Rigon is a very strong rider, complete and intelligent. During the race is able to optimize the final result. All around her is like a brick that he makes the final result. It ‘s a pilot determined and polished in every situation as demonstrated throughout the season and especially the last race of Navarre with the title win, fighting to the end “ says Tredozi.
“He raced in a league of high-level, which in just three years has succeeded in recalling for experienced riders. In my opinion no brand championship could count on a grid as competitive as that of the Superleague Formula. Despite a difficult start to the season, Rigon has recovered without making the slightest mistake, going on to win the last race. It ‘s a driver who is strong and at the same time made no mistake. This is a great gift. There is no doubt that it is a potential champion. Has proven over the years with the facts. I hope that his talent go to waste “says Eng. Tredozi.