Gian Carlo MINARDI "The F1 should give a chance to Davide Rigon"

Minardi.jpg' In 2010, Davide Rigon celebrated its first 12 years of sporting activity. From that July 13, 1998 the Board of Rigon home has become more prestigious because of the numerous successes and titles, though perhaps the greatest satisfaction came in 2005 with the call by some Gian Carlo Minardi for a test at the wheel of his F1 car on the track of the Roman Vallelunga Rigon was only 18 years old and came from the victory in Formula Blue. It was early in his career and despite his inexperience, I was positively impressed. Of course then he was not ready physically for a Formula 1. Has matured and now has all the features and quality to excel in Formula 1. “Said Gian Carlo Minardi, who discovered many talents such as Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Giancarlo Fisichella and Jarno Trulli

“With pride I can say that after much testing that people have noticed him. What I wish I Rigon and that is serious offer an opportunity to show off and show to all the F1 pilot. Then I can be wrong, but sometimes I’ve also got … I got to hear him after the victory today and I think this guy deserves something more important, without detracting from the Superleague Formula. This title is just reward for the work he has done in this long season. It ‘been a hard-fought championship and the SF category is a challenging and difficult.
Davide has always been a leading actor and I would say that deserves a chance of prestige. After a difficult start he managed to recover the lost ground point to point without losing heart. She was able to motivate the team by giving the right information to develop the car, helped also by the experience of Eng. Tredozi. Even in difficult situations such as in Spain has been able to handle the situation by driving with his head. In all classes where the course has always been at the top, despite financial difficulties. For the second time David has won a championship that has been able to put together a patch of primary importance, with drivers from F1, GP2, and so on. I believe that the experience of the 2009 GP2 Davide Rigon can not be considered, as was done with the car of all (including team) but without the necessary budgets. Every Thursday arrived at the racetrack without the certainty of being able to get in the car on Friday. In this situation it was impossible for David and the team that made some plans and work on the car. It ‘been a season that is served to the boy in the mental, physical and technical, but the results do not reflect in any way the potential Rigon. At the conclusion of all these considerations we now hope that Davide Rigon can receive the call that I made for him five years ago, “concludes Gian Carlo Minardi