F.1 – GP Korea, yes or no?

GP_Korea.jpg'Just over a fortnight from the first Grand Prix of Korea (scheduled Oct. 24), teams, drivers, fans and those who work do not yet know whether the seventeenth round of the Formula 1 race or not.

At this point in the season, and with a championship so open that sees five riders fighting for the title and enclosed in just 25 points – Mark Webber leads the team with 202 points, the Englishman Jenson Button, McLaren ended with 177 – a Grand Prix less can make a difference in many aspects, both strategic – how to wear and the number of engines – both scores. In a Formula 1 car, where hundredths of a second can make a difference, no aspect can be left to chance, let alone a race more or less, especially in a season then it pulled and fought as this one.
After the Japanese Grand Prix, scheduled for this weekend at Suzuka, the FIA race director Charlie Whiting will move on Yeongam circuit for the final inspection, that regulation should have taken place over six weeks ago. Only At that point, or fifteen days in advance you will know the truth.
“At this point in the season is essential to dissolve the suspicion on the Grand Prix of Korea. Have four or only three races on the calendar is quite something. Change all strategies, particularly those who have already reached the maximum number of engines and transmissions. There are five drivers vying for the world and then you need to know if the points at stake are only 100 or 75. Monday, October 11 there would be the final inspection. If this fails I do not think it will be possible to replace in the event the Korean race, unless Ecclestone has already opened a parachute. Automatically become three races “Analyze Gian Carlo Minardi
Just this week a first alarm bells sounded in “home Austin “, Texas, in 2012 should (by now the conditional in F1 is a must) to host the first Grand Award of the United States. The race organizers had announced it would present the project towards the end of September, but as they show “Austin Business Journal, this deadline was not met. Of course, nothing serious since the date was chosen by the organizers and not imposed by the FIA.
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