F1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "I say yes to the Rome Grand Prix"

Minardi.jpg' The Grand Prix of Rome continues to discuss the last critical in order of time comes from politics, the Northern League leader Umberto Bossi. Umberto Bossi wanted to express his dissent to the new Roman event in the capital claiming that the race will be run only with the chariot. We have therefore decided to contact Minardi.it Gian Carlo Minardi and his team had already found yourself having to play two great in Italy, at Monza and Imola.

I am an athlete and as such do not see why two races can live together in Italy. And ‘course, some signed and that the Italian Grand Prix remains and will always be in Monza, as he says the same Bernie Ecclestone. The Grand Prix of Rome could not become a fixed appointment. I believe that Maureen Flamini, excellent organizer and manager, to keep promises, or play in the appointment in the capital at no cost to the community. Flaminio is trying to attract major foreign capital through a series of advertising. The only question will be to understand whether these funds will be directed exclusively to Rome or Milan will be shared with. Even on the sale of tickets do not see a competition between the two events. Just as I was at Monza for the Grand Prix I wanted to observe the license plates of cars from the South had very little stuff. Most came from northern Italy, Switzerland and some German. It ‘obvious that Rome could attract it towards you to another pool of supporters, ” dichiara Gian Carlo Minardi
Ecclestone had made me understand that his plan was to get to a certain maximum number of races – which is happening on the other with the entrance of new realities on the calendar – one of which is largely run by the city tracks. His dream is to be able to organize a race in a great world capital, such as New York. Then conquer that place still free would be a great opportunity for Italy and for Rome, because then it would be impossible to have both realities.
On the front of the track seems very interesting because it presents points of passing, thanks to significant disconnect at the end of long straights. It seems to me a drawing, but with the characteristics of a city, with intelligent and interesting perspectives. In addition, new structures will be built fixed and made available to the Roman community. It should therefore be to combine the historical and artistic heritage of our capital city with the highest expression of modernism. It seems to me a project designed and made with intelligence. Then if we can really start is another matter, as the times are really tight. However, leaves out policy, which has nothing to do with sport. Sport and politics are the opposite.
Before you criticize and block a project like this, a detailed analysis of all the opportunities that may arise. The Grand Prix of Rome I see it as an important opportunity to relaunch the brand in the world and the image of our capital. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but in terms of tourism is defeated by capitals like London and Paris. There is something that should be redesigned: the Grand Prix will not solve the whole problem is the new alternative.
Concludes Minardi
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