AMARCORD – Gian Carlo Minardi and Pirelli

Minardi.jpg'Ricardo Tormo circuit on the F1 teams have rekindled the engines to give life to the first three days of collective testing. Lots of news to try and see: one on all the tires Pirelli for their first day of testing after a long winter spent to study, collect data and grind km. For the first time the teams were able to work and test new compounds.

When you bring a new tire at the baptism data and information to be collected are many. You have to go looking for the best combination of tire and suspension to mimic the wear as well as tells us Gian Carlo Minardi. Just the former builder from Faenza, in his long career in motor sport with his Minardi team, has worked closely with Pirelli to develop new compounds. The first contact in the Italian Formula 3 Championship (1974). The collaboration continues in F2 until the arrival of the Italian group in F1, where once again relies on the experience of Minardi.
“In 1974, when I raced in Formula 3, I believe I was the first to bring the track Pirelli slick tires, even though at that time were still being used in various leagues. I still remember the old engineer midnight with his deputy Turchetti. It was not an easy undertaking as we had encountered several problems of youth. In subsequent years, the collaboration continued in Formula 2 where we took off great satisfaction, as the victory on the track of Misano and Michele Alboreto pole position on the circuit of Pau. “Remember Gian Carlo Minardi
“In view of Formula 1 debut, once again, Pirelli decided to lean on the Minardi team to pursue a development program of its tires, thanks to the authorization granted by Good Year. It ‘was a very nice experience. Participate in the baptism of a new tire is extremely important and teams and drivers have certainly great benefits. Estoril, during one test day, Martini tested the beauty of 30 sets of qualification scoring the track record, 1:13.100. Thanks to these tours de force, Pirelli reached good results in qualifying. In 1990 we managed to win the first row of the Phoenix gp Martini.
In those years, the problem could get on the duration of the race and getting the same results in other races. For this reason, the Pirelli had difficulties to involve other teams in their project. We must remember that the single tire rule was in force, but we had to confront with some real giants who made racing history.
But today we are under a single tire, making it easy part of the game. On the one hand we have the Pirelli that will supply a product the same for all the other teams should try to adapt the characteristics of the suspension and aerodynamics of this type of tire. These days the teams have addressed the first three days of work and it will be interesting to monitor this development. The first one to be able to interpret them in the best way will be an advantage. From what I can read some teams suffer less wear. This development will mark a first for the team, seeking the best combination of tire and suspension. “Says Gian Carlo Minardi