F1 | Gp Austria, THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi “Verstappen-Leclerc, the rivals of the future”

We are waiting for the marshal’s decision and I would not want to be them. We are faced with the latest interpretation of a rule that must absolutely be changed and rewritten. I am sorry for Leclerc, author of a fantastic grand prix in which he did everything well and putting on show all his determination in defense from Verstappen’s first assault but for me we are faced with a race contact that is not subject to a penalty. These scrimmages are F1’s DNA and if we eliminate them we might as well switch off the TV,

Max Verstappen won on the track to give Honda its first win since it came back to F1 and in the hybrid era after dark and difficult years. As well as interrupting Mercedes’ domination. After a poor start in which he slipped back he came back with determination completing the job when he overtook Leclerc in the end. Leclerc and Verstappen will be the rivals of the future and have just written the first chapter of an exciting battle between two great champions.

We witnessed a very tactical grand prix with a lot of overtaking and also dictated by problems with the tyres. Ferrari brought home precious second and fourth places but the team must ponder since up to the 9th lap, as we understood from the team radio, Leclerc had problems managing fuel consumption.

A swallow does not make a summer and Mercedes is still the car to beat. For all the weekend they were never competitive on a track that they feared. They never managed their tyres well and their drivers were not exempt from some errors. An off weekend is allowed.

Sainz’s excellent performance in a McLaren that is on the rise is to be highlighted. From last to eighth place with Norris who finished in sixth place ahead of Gasly’s Red Bull. With his tenth place Antonio Giovinazzi broke his fast and won his first world championship point behind Kimi Raikonnen. These were three very important points for Alfa Romeo Racing in terms of the Constructors’ ladder.

Gian Carlo Minardi