What’s happening in this Formula 1?

The last three grands prix were characterized by as many incidents involving three different drivers (Vettel-Ricciardo-Leclerc) and created no small upheaval amongst the experts and the fans that pounced on the marshals. We met with Gian Carlo Minardi who is leaving for the Hungaroring, the stage for ACI’s appointments that are valid for Formula 4 Italia and Formula 3 Regional, to understand if this F1 has lost its desire for a scuffle.

The episodes in Canada, France and Austria were very different from each other. Even if at times it is unpopular, the decisions and the penalties given to the drivers by the commissioners were dictated by rules and above all by precise guidelines written by Charlie Whiting and approved by everybody, drivers included. Let’s not forget that unlike what happened until a few years ago, the commissioners have real time telemetry of all the drivers available. Therefore they could analyze the behaviour of each driver in any situation and to understand what led to an error or any infraction,” analyzed the manager from Faenza.

In Austria I appreciated the fact that the marshals decided to hear the versions of the two drivers before validating the final result. In Montreal it would have been proper to proceed in the same way, even if I am still convinced that the result would not have changed,” continued Minardi.

I am still of the idea that Formula’s strength is the chance to fight on the track and the duel between Leclerc and Verstappen is a shining example. The two young men entertained and excited us and they gave us a very enjoyable race. I am convinced that we witnessed only the first chapter of an exciting challenge. Therefore it’s time to review and rewrite these rules completely, even following Whiting’s death

Will Verstappen and Leclerc be the champions of the future?

We’re facing a very high level generational change. Both Leclerc and Verstappen showed they are two great drivers, both with the characteristics for becoming champions and with an all-round vision of the race and the rival. Three laps from the finish the driver from Monaco gave a very strong sign of his talent by responding very well to the Dutch driver’s assault. On the other hand, in the final lap he left too much space and Verstappen quickly took advantage of it. Thus I can give Max 10/10 for the race and 10-/10 to Charles. They will give us other important duels.

After nine grands prix which are the best drivers?

Se guardiamo alle spalle dei tre top team, ci sono i due piloti McLaren con Carlos Sainz jr. e Lando Norris supportati da una vettura in forte crescita, a cui aggiungerei il pilota della Toro Rosso Alexander Albon . In Austria Sainz, partito ultimo, è arrivato all’ottavo posto alle spalle di Norris, ottimo sesto, e Gasly.

If we look behind the top three teams there are the two McLaren drivers with Carlos Sainz Jr. and Lando Norris supported by a car that is growing strongly and to whom I will add Alexander Albon, the Toro Rosso driver.

Amongst the top teams we have Hamilton who has been absolutely perfect, Leclerc who is growing from race to race and looking for blessing from the team and Verstappen whose talent has never been in doubt. This is the season for maturity. I also add Vettel, the four times world champion who is experiencing a difficult time, even if he has shown that he is suffering the rival’s pressure.

Staying with Ferrari, if the SF90 cannot win when Mercedes is in difficulty…

I see a revival by Ferrari, sadly not exploited fully. The recent results need to be analyzed, as well as the strategy adopted and the choice of tyres. If we look ahead to the English grand prix we notice that on paper Ferrari and Mercedes have opted for different strategies (4 Mediums and 8 Softs for Mercedes against the 3 sets of “yellows” and 9 “reds” for Ferrari). Silverstone is a very fast track with particular bends in which last year we twice had the safety-car and problems with the tyres for Bottas which gave Vettel the win.