F1 | Gp Britain, THE POINT by Gian Carlo MINARDI “Leclerc extraordinary on Gasly but these tyres are an unknown factor”

Silverstone entered by rights as one of the hardest fought grands prix of the season, although unfortunately there are still too many unknown factors tied to the tyres.

The mixes change but not the lap times, just as we saw with the best time set by Hamilton in the 52nd lap with the Hards when he beat his team mate’s time who had just mounted the Softs. Mercedes confirmed that it is the uncontested queen of the season but I am astounded by this situation. All the teams (with the exception of Ricciardo, Racing Point and Kubica) had only brought Hard sets, a symptom that was not part of the strategy and instead proved that they were decisive in the final result. Hamilton even indulged himself by setting the race’s best lap time.

We file away a race full of duels starting with the struggle between team mates Hamilton and Bottas in the first laps, but the masterpiece, in both the preparation and the execution, was when Leclerc overtook Gasly. I am pleased in the revival from the driver from beyond the Alps and I hope he finds consistency in his results.

After Austria Verstappen and Leclerc gave us another incredible chapter in their personal duel. Luckily they let them continue racing. Ferrari’s driver from Monaco is winning supremacy within the team although they still make mistakes in the strategies in his regards, even if the final result would not have changed. Mercedes is decidedly superior.

Silverstone will also be remembered for Vettel’s latest absolutely incomprehensible mistake.

Despite the final result, it was a positive weekend for Antonio Giovinazzi. The dynamic of his exit from the track makes me think he was betrayed by a technical problem. After the point gained in Austria in qualifying he managed to stay in front of his team mate. I think he has found the right path.

Silverstone will file away its weekend with 351,000 spectators. This important number represents a great ad for all Motorsport. The public was a stupendous setting for a beautiful sunny afternoon. I hope that the income is in the black because last year, just like Monza, they finished in the red.

Gian Carlo Minardi