F1 | Gp Monaco, Minardi “Ferrari is favoured due to its shorter legs but Mercedes has two aces up its sleeve.”

This weekend Formula 1 will wear its best clothes to take part in the most glamorous appointment of the reason. Despite its peculiarity Monaco is an important appointment in the light of the world championship above all due to the great equilibrium between Ferrari and Mercedes that has emerged in the first part of the season.

The barriers and the guardrails are lurking and it will need only the slightest error to ruin a whole weekend. Qualifying has always played a dominating role in the final result of the race proper and this year will be no different. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton will line up on the grid after two wins with the Ferrari driver leading the drivers’ ladder with 104 points, 6 more than the British driver, but with Mercedes ahead in the constructors’ ladder.

Ferrari could have a slight advantage thanks to its slightly slower pace compared to its direct rival Mercedes, even though indiscretions from overseas (from Germany) after the Spanish Grand Prix speak of a WO8 equipped with two overboosters, as well as the button that guarantees extra power for a lap. Hamilton or Bottas could also have an extra 15” to use in specific occasions, such as the start or during an overtaking manoeuvre (see the overtaking manoeuvre that Vettel suffered at Montmelò).

We must not forget Red Bull. In the first grands prix Verstappen and Ricciardo suffered important gaps (at Barcelona the Australian driver finished in third place more than 75” behind the winner) although in qualifying they manage to defend themselves. In addition, last year Ricciardo managed to place his RB in the front row ahead of Rosberg. Therefore keep an eye on them!

Strategy will play a key role and Pirelli will bring Ultrasoft, Supersoft and Soft mixes. In the Ferrari pits Vettel and Raikonnen opted for 10 “violet” sets (one more than Mercedes), 2 “red” (one less than Mercedes) and one “yellow”. In anticipation of Monte Carlo the sole supplier for the Circus decided to review the pressure of the tyres downwards. The front tyres will go from 19 PSI to 17 PSI while the rear tyres will go from 18 PSI to 16.5 PSI. This is another important aspect for Ferrari which up to now has shown that it knows how to manage the tyres very well with the SF70H.

Gian Carlo Minardi