F1 | Haas conferms its drivers. Minardi “A defeat for the Ferrari system”

As we near the weekend in Hungary, the eleventh round of the Formula 1 world championship that will mark the beginning of the second half of the season, Gene Hass – the owner/founder of the team that debuted last year and bears his name – in an interview released on the official site of the championship confirmed both his drivers. Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen will once more defend the colours of the American team in 2018.

“If this is the case it would be a defeat for Ferrari. I am still confident that it is a decision made only to keep peace within a team that is doing very well, whose sole objective is gaining just as many points in the second half of the season” was the comment of Gian Carlo Minardi.

After ten grands prix Haas is lying in seventh place in the constructors’ ladder with twenty nine points, the same total it amassed in all of last season.

“If it is otherwise it would be a defeat for the whole Ferrari system that is directed at young drivers and Italian motor sport” was the harsh analysis of the manager from Faenza who declared, “…sad, disheartened and disappointed. With the materialization of this scenario it would be obvious the Ferrari drivers do not enjoy any protection. Ferrari would have no more decision making powers in regards to its clients. I refuse to consider such a scenario.”