F1,Italian Gp – SCORECARDS: from 0 to 10

FIA – ZERO  what happened in Monza after the checkered-flag is really ridiculous. You can’t keep the whole paddock in suspense for two hours and a half about a supposed infraction by Mercedes and then put and end on the matter with nothing coming from it declaring that you are going to decide what to do in the future. Situations like these shouldn’t happen in F1 because they are an additional disorienting signal to the fans. There is a lack of fixed rules. Everything is dictated by improvisation and chance. You can’t call into question a sport result like that Hamilton and Mercedes achieved this way. It’s time to organize a permanent, competent, and full time technical staff. I had been perplexed by the fact that any communication about the inquiry was given only to Toto Wolff’s staff and not to journalists as well. I am not sure if a similar regard has ever been used also to all the other teams.

A scandalous FIA which carries itself iniquitously in minor formulas too. I experienced a blatant example of that exactly in Monza with GP3 Series when the car of Luca Ghiotto, who was leading the standings, was subjected to many controls to the limit of patience putting the driver under pressure. This kind of controls doesn’t usually involve his competitors for the title: strangely enough they run for Art Gran Prix.

Lewis Hamilton – 10 we have to reconfirm him as the top of the class. He had been able to manage his car at his liking, turning constantly 5 tenths of a second faster than Vettel and increasing his gap to 1” (that are Friday’s registered gaps) when the mysterious communication about the team arrived. Furthermore, as I was told, Mercedes would have finished the race with 9kg of gasoline on board. Really noteworthy.

Nico Rosberg – 8 he was really unlucky. Everything happens to him. Last week-end he was affected by a breakdown of his new generation PU being forced to run with a dated unit which had more than 4000 km on the shoulders. Despite that, he has been attacking the Ferrari driver gaining 3-4 tenth of a second per lap.

Sebastian Vettel – 8 he exploited as best he could the potential of his Ferrari taking it to the third place in general standings. He ended the race in the second place pushing to the maximum and resisting Rosenberg’s attacks.

Felipe Massa – 8 once again he finished ahead his team-mate taking his Williams on the podium and gaining some important points. A precious result even for his personal standing and for his reputation.

Valtteri Bottas – 7 with his fourth place he completed Williams’ good week-end, despite some mistakes at the box and his slow pit stops.

Sergio Perez -7 he and Nico Hulkenbeh took their Force in the top 10, strengthening the fifth lace in Constructor’s general standings. They gained points that will make a difference at the end of the season.

Daniel Ricciardo – Daniil Kvyat, Carlos Sainz Jr, Max Verstappen – 7 although being penalized by Reanult’s PU and being forced to start from the bottom, they have been able to recover. Ricciardo’s eight place is good. Unfortunately the bearers of Toro Rosso haven’t been collecting what they deserve. Surely the change of the motor unit will penalized them again. Verstappen would deserve half point more for his good time’s over-takings. The boy has been growing and now he is an adult.

Marcus Ericsson – 7 he has showed good things. He has very often outperformed his team-mate, Luiz Felipe Nasr, looking at the future he is undoubtedly one of the more interesting young.

Kimi Raikkonen – 6 Great time in qualifying. He demonstrates how much is permitted to a driver who has gained respect. His mistake at the start is anyway unforgivable even if he then made a good recover arose from numerous over-takings against a series of car which are decisively not so well-performing as his Ferrari. He could have made change the team ‘s strategy. They could have attempted to “squeeze” Hamilon’s Mercedes.