Kart – Karol Basz KF World Champion

Sensational week-end for Karol Basz crowned KF World Champion at the International circuit La Conca. For the Kosmic Racing Polish driver led by Giovanni Minardi’s Management and Alberto Tonti it has been a clear and peremptory victory. He dominated all the sessions of the most important event in the international karting review leaving his opponents only “crumbs”.

Karol put his signature on three of the four Qualifying Practice, he “had to satisfy”with a third place only in the second one. An unbelievable “march roll” that gives him the pre-final pole-position where he gained a new impressive success crossing the finish line with a lead of 2,5”. His consecration arrives in final where once again he was first at the finish line. Proving his talent and the excellent feeling reached with tracks and Kosmic racing material, the driver from Cracow also signs the fastest time of the race 45”843, putting a cool 3,1” between himself and the second in overall standings. All the week-end has been wonderful. The final wasn’t as easy as it could seem looking simply to general standings. I lost some time at the start but I succeeded in recovering quickly and then I was able to dictate my pace till the end. The whole team has worked impeccably since the test dayan enthusiastic Karol Basz comments before thanking. “I want to thank Kosmic, Mr. Robazzi and the whole group OTK, Mr. Oliver Marechal, my family who always supports me, Aga my girlfriend, my sponsors ilMio.Pl, R8, Europart and in addition to my athletic trainer Olsh Coaching, the Minardi Management personified by Giovanni Minardi and Alberto Tondi”.

What can I say? It has been a sensational week-end. Karol imposed his pace in all the sessions. It was a peremptory supremacy. At worst he arrived third. We are talking about the most important event of the World Championship.This make us understand the technical value and the talent for racing of this guy. I am very happy for Karol. As Minardi Management, we hadn’t put our seal on a Championship for long time. So I want to thank him because our first trophy is a karting world Championship. Nothing is better than thismanager Giovanni Minardi comments.

All was perfect. We couldn’t close better than this. This is the conclusion of a work that lasted an entire season. Kosmic Racing team has been perfect leaving nothing to chance. The driver has alaways worked professionally, staying focused and determined and fullfilling overtakings that allowed him to impose his supremacy on really experienced drivers. Adding the KF World Championship, the most important title, to my karting palmares is a satisfaction for me. We’ll immediately start to work on upcoming events with the other drivers, expecially the youngers, for 2016 season. Maybe we’ll aim at the KZ World ChampionshipAlberto Tonti comments.