F1 – Road to…Abu Dhabi

We are approaching the last race of this Mercedes season along which only Ferrari has managed to spoil their party on three occasions, although unfortunately the technical gap remains wide. Mercedes customer teams themselves, despite the guaranteed superiority of the Power-Unit , have been unable to support a technical comparison.

Therefore, we arrive in Abu Dhabi with little more to say. Just the fourth place with a fight among Bottas, Raikkonenn, and Massa and the sixth place in the Constructors’ standings remain at stake. For a good 2016 start, I hope Kimi be able to beat his compatriot at Williams, to prove his true value given the wide gap with Vettel. Instead, nine points divide Faenza from Enstone. Not an easy gap to fill in during a single race, despite Lotus financial difficulties.

According to tradition we will race by night, the asphalt, affected by heat and by the desert sand, will improve session after session. The brake system will be particularly stressed because it will have to work for the 22% of the lap, with two great straight lines.After two consecutive victories, Rosberg will try to end with a bang his bitter season, although Hamilton is determinate not to make him concessions. Rosberg’s championship ending is really incomprehensible.Freed from the tensions of the championship, Nico found the serenity to counter his strong team-mate.

Instead, from Tuesday December 1th we will already be in 2016 World Championship with the test of Pirelli, when the ultra-soft tire compounds, the violet Super SuperSofts, will be tested. All the teams will check their duration and consumption with the maximum fuel load, in Q3 version. They will become another strategic variable.