F1 | Qualification Race, MINARDI “There are other solutions”

Today there is only one solution that could become reality as soon as next season, even if only in part-time mode.

We are talking about the Qualification Race, one of the topics discussed in Geneva in the offices of the International Federation that found particular support between the parties. This would be a mini-race of 100 kilometres to be run on the Saturday, the result of which would decide the starting grid of the Grand Prix. The desire would be (the conditional is compulsory since it is only a proposal) to invert the ladder of the diver’s World Championship for the starting grid of the Qualification Race. Therefore, as of today Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas would start form the back row with George Russell in pole position.

We have adopted the Qualifying Race in our TCR DSG Endurance Italian Championship as well, with a 10” sprint race that is valid for the starting grid of the endurance race. It is very spectacular to watch but I do not know how much it can be applied to the context of Formula since there are problems to be dealt with, starting with the wear of the clutch and transmission as we will have two starts,” was the analysis of Gian Carlo Minardi, interviewed by Minardi.it.

If they truly want to change, I would take a step back to 2005 when the driver had only one fast lap available to make his best time, taking to the track in inverted order across the finish line of the previous race,” proposed the manager from Faenza, “Doing it in this way would give the driver and the team the maximum visibility and it would prevent traffic problems or playing with the slipstream.

Time is running out and 20121 is upon us. We are almost at the end of September and the teams have not yet agreed on the new technical regulations. We are approaching the end game and Singapore could be the setting for major meetings,” he finished.