F1 – Spanish Grand Prix, race: Gian Carlo Minardi point

red_bull.jpg'The end result of the Spanish Grand Prix accurately reflects the forces in the field this season, with a Red Bull unstoppable unless reliability problems, as we saw with the clear victory of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel accused by the problem on ‘ braking system

On the other hand we have a Ferrari race pace is reliability and its two strongest points with Alonso who drew the best from this F10, although it is currently not the best of Formula 1. At the Prancing Horse is missing a lot on the lap, as evidenced by the 7 dec. accused by Mark and Sebastian during qualifying. As has been stressed on many occasions, any errors or reliability problems, the two Red Bull are imprendili and also this Sunday, history repeated itself: the perfect car driven by a driver who has managed the great all week End went on to win the grand prize. In contrast, the little German was betrayed by his car when he was behind his teammate.
The situation is different in the house where Lewis Hamilton McLaren suffered a technical problem on the last lap and a half, which helped the Spanish Ferrari. Return home of the Anglo-German team world champion and current championship leader was given a fictional weekend anonymous course without taking any risk. Even in the collision with Michael Schumacher was immediately surrendered. Was certainly not one of his best weekend, although the fifth-place finish allowed him to keep the top league.
Barcelona gave us a renewed Michael Schumacher for the first time this season has managed to stay ahead of his companion, completing a great race, struggling with Button, passing under the checkered flag in fourth place. I think Rosberg ran into a little lucky day and probably not the Montmelò suits its characteristics. That said, as to not give Michael finished before this race, now I can not condemn Nico certainly, in the second half of the race was bottled in traffic.
Among the so-called second-tier team race after race, the Force India, along with his driver Sutil, is growing. Very nice fight with the Polish Robert Kubica Renault house that is leading the French team than those who are his expectations. These two teams were the protagonists of a wonderful weekend and probably be here until the end of the season will contest the fifth and sixth place in the Constructors Championship
In a week you will be back on track through the streets of the principality and the supremacy of the Red Bull, we see how others manage to overcome the shortage blamed on technical lap. Then the race will come into play other factors, like weather, the reliability and capabilities of each pilot. Just for the fifth round had aired the possibility to carry out the pre-qualifications to slower machines. Fortunately this was ruled out. Races are races for better or for worse. They are made with skill and luck, and then must manage the best lap time, although clearly the slowest cars will create inconvenience, as we saw on Sunday during the race.
Finally I am pleased to emphasize that the podium on Sunday has been designed by three drivers who began their adventure in the city of Faenza: Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber signed their Formula 1 debut with Minardi, while Sebastian Vettel to wheel of the Scuderia Toro Rosso went on to win his first grand prix. It means that in our town atmosphere is very nice for racing. Remaining riders in the topic, then I salute you, Robert Kubica is confirming to high levels, as Nico Rosberg I always thought to be a fast driver error.