HOUSE MINARDI | Good weather can be seen in the morning

Monday the spotlight will officially fall on the 2018 Formula 1 world championship with the first four (of eight) days of testing at the Barcelona track which will pre-empt the Melbourne Grand Prix. In the last few days we had the first (virtual) taste with the presentation of the first cars. Haas, Williams, Red Bull, Sauber and Renault lifted the covers showing the new lines and above all the new liveries that will colour the starting grid of the 21 grands prix, as we await Mercedes and Ferrari which will show them today (Thursday February 22nd).

We expect a demanding season characterized by the novelty of the Halo (as well as only three motors per driver) which created hard work for the teams in planning and testing the chassis. Halo has changed the philosophy and the physiognomy of the racing cars. Since it is in front of the driver’s head and placed high on the vehicle it has changed the centre of gravity of the vehicles and forced the engineers to review the weight distribution.

I could see from the photos that the cars are very beautiful with interesting technological solution and enchanting colour schemes. I await the first tests at Montmelò with a lot of curiosity and in order to understand what could be the forces in the field. Good weather can be seen in the morning.

Gian Carlo Minardi
* The video was recorded on Tuesday February 20th.